Please note that this site has not been maintained since 2015 and resources/information may no longer be relevant.

I’ve listed a number of frequently asked questions below. The list is quite comprehensive, so please refer to this before contacting me. This means less work for both you and me!


General Support

Can you help me with my theme?

I have support sections for each of my most popular themes, which include many of the questions I normally get asked. I no longer provide active support for Tumblr themes.

Why didn’t you answer my question?

I’ve closed my ask box and no longer check messages on this site. Sorry!

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Where can I find your themes?

You can find my themes on my resources page or at my official Theme Garden page.

What theme are you using? Can I have it/may I have the codes?

Sorry, this theme is one I created myself, for my own use. It’s not available to the public. I have plenty of free themes out though, so be sure to take a look!

Can you make a theme for me for free? Can you make some changes to your theme for me?

Sorry, but I just don’t have time, energy, or resources necessary to take free requests.

I no longer create Tumblr themes. There are a lot of other interesting themes out there so please support other theme authors!

What other services do you provide?

I don’t provide any services currently as I’m currently employed full-time.

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Editing & Attribution

Hey, are you the owner of this other website?

My name appears at the bottom of every theme I make. However, I am not responsible for content on sites other than the ones listed on my portfolio. The only Tumblr blogs I own are @elletricity and @gabrielelwee.

I do not maintain any other blogs, even if they use my theme and therefore have my name at the bottom of their blog.

If you need to get ahold of the blog’s owner, please use their ask box or email address. Please do not contact me regarding copyright infringement or other requests regarding any other websites or blogs. This includes but is not limited to: resources, content origin, affiliation, link exchanges, cease and desist notices, etc. I’m sorry, but if I don’t own the blog or website, I can’t do anything regarding their content.

But you have my photo on your blog! Will you please remove it?

Like I said, those blogs don’t belong to me. I cannot remove what is on their blog because I do not have the login information and it does not belong to me. In fact, I’ve probably never even seen their blog before. I’m sorry I can’t help you further!

Can you help me edit my theme?

I don’t customize themes for other people, but please feel free to play with the codes yourself!

Can you help me remove this from my theme?

Everything in my themes except for outside elements (Disqus, Streampad, Twitter, etc.) are necessary for a functional theme. I do not and will not tell people how to remove parts of my themes. You are free to edit my themes as you wish, except removing attribution (see below).

Can I take off your credit on my theme?

I prefer that you didn’t. Leave at least the hidden credit in the HTML and a visible link somewhere that credits me as the original author in case somebody wants to know where to get the theme.

I’m new to theming! Can I study your coding?

Sure thing, as long as you don’t pass it off as your own!

What if I’ve made my own major edits to it?

Leave attribution. Even if you’ve changed it up, the base coding is still mine, and I dedicated precious hours of work to make these themes available to the public.

Can I release my edited theme for other people to use? Do I need a credit link?

I license my work under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You must leave attribution somewhere in your edited theme and you may not charge people for it.

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How do I...

Enable my ask and/or submit boxes?

DashboardSettings(blog name)Ask or Submissions

Add pages to my theme?

Customize+ Add a page

Add a page that redirects to a tag page?

On the pages menu, select Redirect instead of Standard Layout and set the URL to your tag page (i.e. "" or "/tagged/me").

Install a custom theme that isn’t in the Theme Garden?

CustomizeEdit HTML >, paste your custom theme HTML, and save.

Show more posts per page?

CustomizeAdvanced optionsPosts per page

The maximum number of posts you can show is fifteen.

Enable infinite/endless scrolling?

CustomizeAppearanceInfinite scrolling or Endless Scrolling

If there isn’t an option for it, there are many infinite scrolling scripts out there, but I generally use Paul Irish’s plugin.

Install a music player and/or other widget?

Generally, sticking the code at the bottom of your description should do the trick. If not, right after <body> or right before </body> in your Custom HTML is the next best option.

Enable the Instagram widget?

You’ll need to put both your username and your access token into appearance options.

Find my Instagram access token?

Themes that include an Instagram widget should have instructions in the provided zip file. Click here to begin setup, and follow the instructions on the page. You should be prompted to login and allow my app permission to access your basic information and photos on Instagram. Once you’ve authorized the app, the page will be redirected back to my website, where your access token should be highlighted and ready to use.

Enable the Flickr widget?

You will need your Flickr ID, which is different from your Flickr username – you can use this site to find it.

Recover a theme I accidentally saved over?

Use Tumblr’s Recover Custom Theme page to view and restore the last twenty iterations of your theme.

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What fonts are you using with this theme?

Source Sans Pro and Typicons.

Where do you get your fonts from?

I mainly use Google Fonts for my themes. If you would like to read more about the fonts I use and where I get them from, please refer to my font resource masterpost.

What do I need to do to enable a custom font on my theme?

Generally I use’s @font-face generator to generate the necessary files. I also sometimes embed fonts directly using base64 encoding. I usually use Xavie Esteve’s encoder.

Both ways require some CSS knowledge so please only try this if you know what you are doing.

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You probably have the Appearance option checked for Fixed Banner. Fixed banner images are resized to allow for accessibility - somebody with a small screen may not be able to read the text below your banner. The maximum dimensions for a fixed banner are 775px x 100px.

If you would like to have a larger banner, uncheck the option for Fixed Banner.

How do I upload a profile picture/icon that spans the full width of the sidebar?

CustomizeAppearanceCustom Profile Picture

Customize+ Add a page

If you already have a page but it isn’t showing up on your navigation, select Show a link to this page on the Pages menu.

CustomizeAppearance → uncheck Top Navigation

CustomizeAppearanceReverse Layout

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What’s the difference between 1.0 , 2.0, and 3.0?

They represent three different iterations of the Facebook layout. 1.0 is the oldest version.

How do I upload a profile picture?

CustomizeAppearanceProfile Picture

How do I add tabs to Tumblook 1.0?

Customize+ Add a page

If you already have a page but it isn’t showing up on your navigation, select Show a link to this page on the Pages menu.

How do I add my info to the theme?

There are various fields you need to fill out in CustomizeAppearance options.

I saw somebody who had custom colours on their version of Tumblook! How can I get those colour options?

Sorry, but unless you’re using Fake, you can’t have custom colours. However, Fake does not have as many of the other features as Tumblook. Tumblook was meant to look exactly like Facebook and so the colours are going to stay that way, unless you edit the HTML yourself.

There’s a copycat of this theme!

Yes, I know. Don’t worry about it. Just use this one.

I was redirected from What’s going on?

That was a stolen theme with a bad mistypo. Use this one instead, it’s the real deal.

I saw this Facebook theme that had icons for answer posts. What theme was that?

That is the copycat’s theme, the same one as the above two questions.

How do I get the striped borders or star bookmark on posts in 3.0?

You can highlight a post with top and bottom striped borders – it will resemble a private Facebook post viewable only by you. Tag your post x1 and x2. These need to be the first two tags on your post, or else an extra comma will show up after the tags on that post.

You can highlight a post with a star bookmark, which is how Facebook displays featured posts. At the beginning of your tag section, use x2 and x3.

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How do I upload a profile picture?

CustomizeAppearanceProfile Picture

How do I add my info to the theme?

There are various fields you need to fill out in CustomizeAppearance options.

How do I change the colour scheme?

Tumblspace was meant to emulate the original Myspace and so the colours are going to stay that way, unless you edit the HTML yourself.

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I enabled Twitter in my appearance options, but the widget still won’t show up. How do I fix that?

For most of my themes, I’ve integrated Tumblr’s default Twitter widget. You will need to log in to Twitter by accessing DashboardSettings(blog name)Twitter.

People are being asked to log into Twitter every time they visit my page. How do I disable that?

Your Twitter account is most likely in protected mode. You will need to either make your tweets public or disable the widget.

Why is the Twitter widget blank even after I typed in my username in the Appearance options?
Twitter changed its API and the script I was using is no longer functional. I am currently working on a fix!
Can I show more than one tweet?

If available, my themes are designed to only show one tweet at a time. You can always install your own Twitter widget if you need more tweets visible.

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When did begin? officially opened under the name Elletricity Designs several years ago. Since I didn’t know anything about domains or hosting, I built up my website on a Myspace profile, with contests, site models, and the works.

In June of 2009, I bought the domain and found some awesome free hosting. Though I was on a website, my content still mainly consisted of Myspace-related services.

In August 2009, I started using Tumblr. Everything changed. I started to focus my content on Tumblr themes, and for a while, my website was basically inactive. I deleted my Wordpress software and left empty for almost a year. After realizing that I was wasting my site space, I finally made the decision to use a Tumblr blog on, and here we are.

Where did you buy your domain/hosting?

I bought my domain name from and my hosting from

I recently transferred my domain services over to

How did you get your Tumblr to show up on instead of

Here’s a blog post detailing how I managed it, but basically I used a proxy and some .htacess hacking to make it happen.

Why are your themes on Gabrielle Wee’s Theme Garden page and not yours?

@gabriellewee was originally @elletricity, but I decided to separate personal and theme posts. @gabriellewee is my personal tumblelog and @elletricity is my design tumblelog. @gabriellewee is my primary account.

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Follow back? is actually a sub-blog off of my main account, so I can’t follow anybody. I generally don’t follow back though, sorry.

What about P4P then?

Nope. I only blog about other blogs that I personally think are awesome. So.. be awesome! ;)

Where did you learn to code/use Photoshop?

Pretty much everything I know about coding is self-taught from studying other people’s coding, tutorials, and simply using Google. I took classes for Photoshop in college.

Did you create those images of condoms with famous logos & slogans Photoshopped on the front?

No, I didn’t. A famous website mistakenly credited me as the artist and my search page on Google is now littered with imitation articles. Please pay them no mind!

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