I know, I know. My FAQs didn't cover what you needed. Or maybe you'd like to work with me on something snazzy and totally fabulous. It's up to you. How would you like to contact me? Here are your options.

Note that I do not maintain any sites or social networking accounts besides the ones listed here. The only Tumblr blogs I maintain are @elletricity, @elleusine, and @elleanswers. If you need to get ahold of the blog's owner, please use their ask box or email address. Please do not contact me regarding copyright infringement or other requests regarding any other websites or blogs. This includes but is not limited to: resources, content origin, affiliation, link exchanges, cease and desist notices, etc. I'm sorry, but if I don't own the blog or website, I can't do anything regarding their content. For more information, please refer to my FAQ page.

I am currently accepting commissions for design work! My coding is clean and fully valid, and my themes work across a variety of different browsers and devices.


I am available for different types of projects at different times, depending on my school and work schedule.

My design services start at $20 USD per hour; projects can take anywhere from five to over twenty hours based on complexity. For more information and a quote, check out my portfolio and email me from there with a short description of your project along with an estimated start date and timeline.

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Use this form to ask me any questions regarding technical issues regarding themes. Note that I may or may not be able to get back to you.

Questions are answered on my Q & A page.

No theme problems? Got something to say? You can use this ask box to leave me any comments about my site or themes, or even me. Do it.

These will be answered on my front page.

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