Sneak preview of a theme I’m working on! Stay tuned for more details!

Sneak preview of a theme I’m working on! Stay tuned for more details!

Fleux Theme


  • Customization options include colors, fonts, and other styles
  • Responsive grid design with full-width posts on permalink pages
  • Infinite scrolling (click button to load more posts)
  • Instagram and Twitter widgets
  • Menu popups for description and pages
  • Optional popups for ask and submit boxes
  • Customizable tags list popup
  • Custom text options on your ask and submit pages
  • Integrates colors and avatar styles from mobile theme options


  • You must allow Instagram to display your photos by getting an access token. Click here to get your access token.
  • The accent color from your mobile theme options is used for links and hovers. The color used in the demo blog and screenshots is #68526e.
  • The background color is also from your mobile theme options. The color used in the demo blog and screenshots is #EBEBEB.
  • Custom text on your ask page cannot include HTML. Use \' instead of regular apostrophes.

Click here to install! If you have any other questions, please check out my FAQ. If your answer is not listed there, feel free to contact me or send a Tumblr message to me on my contact page.

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Question for my followers!

I finally decided to switch to Safari on my Macbook Pro. Chrome uses far too much RAM and causes my laptop fan to go nuts. It also has a weird bug where CSS files don’t work on the Customize page unless they were uploaded using Tumblr’s Upload Static File page. So I’d either have to (1) to save then refresh a separate tab to see changes or (2) upload a new CSS file every time I wanted to see a change. This got old really fast. Now I don’t have either problem and my laptop stays nice and quiet.

However, the one thing I miss about Chrome is the XKit Quick Tag feature. I haven’t found a good equivalent and I hate having to click the post tool button, click edit post, waiting for the post edit to open, add all the tags manually, and then saving. Does anybody know of an alternative that has similar functionality?

The iOS Design Guidelines - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer


Great blog entry for new theme and app designers.

Re: Transistor theme

I’ve been observing the Transistor theme in the wild and I’ve noticed that some people have popups that don’t work properly. Please note that having HTML in your description may break your layout! Safe HTML includes links <a>, paragraphs <p>, and formatting <strong> <em> <b> <i>. If your menu is broken and you need help, feel free to message me at Thank you!


Our Evangelion group at Sacanime Winter 2015! From left: Shinji (Dewey/dathamster), Rei (Tracy/trashflavouredtrashh), Asuka (Hayley/ijaeli), Mari (Gabrielle/elleusine).

Photography by the amazing Natalie Gee/mintography!

Hello all!

I am planning to do a series of weapon vectors like the Transistor blade I just finished. I also just finished vectoring Ryuko’s scissor blade from Kill La Kill. Can anybody think of any other swords or other weapons from games, books, movies, manga, anime, etc, that you might like to see?