This is just a suggestion, but can you make a tutorial on how to make the like and reblog button of tumblr styled? I am having a bad time with it :( thanks!

You can’t style them as the like button is an iframe and the reblog button is a link with an SVG embed. Theoretically, you could style the reblog button by using :before in your CSS (I already do this in my own themes for other icons, you can take a look at my coding), but the like button cannot be styled at all besides the options Tumblr gives you (size, white/black/grey).

Another option you might consider is using {ReblogURL} in your theme and styling that yourself and using a Javascript-based like button, but I personally find that the best practice is to use Tumblr’s options instead, as they are coded specifically by Tumblr and therefore (theoretically) better implemented than any outside source. I’ve been styling my themes around the new buttons, which is much easier.

Slightly off-topic - I’ve noticed over the past few years that the web design trends are headed towards flatter designs with larger font sizes and larger elements in general. Tumblr’s new like and reblog buttons reflect this change as they look much better at larger sizes. This doesn’t work well with a lot of Tumblr themes that have a very specific kind of aesthetic (themes that are based on movies, TV shows, books, etc, or have patterned backgrounds or textures or lots of small details), but they do work well with clean, minimalist themes with large font sizes and elements. Keep that in mind if you choose to use them. 

Theme questions -


I haven’t been good about answering theme questions because of work and school. I calculated my hours today and last week I spent 14 hours in class, 18 hours at work, and 49 hours doing homework. I’ve spent 12 hours at a time staring at the computer screen for homework and it’s not fun. :(

That being said, I will try my best to answer questions as much as I can! If you are using one of my themes, have ever used my themes, or follow this blog, thank you for supporting me! I super appreciate it. <3

where are your themes?

I love love love your greying theme but I was wondering if it would be possible to make the permalink bigger?

Look for this and change the 10px:

	.date, .date a, #pag, #current, #pag .center a {
		font: 10px {font:Header};
		color: {color:Date};
		{block:ifCapitalizedHeaders}text-transform: uppercase;{/block:ifCapitalizedHeaders}
		text-decoration: none;
		{block:ifSpacedHeaders}letter-spacing: 1px;{/block:ifSpacedHeaders}

Hey! I'm using the Greying theme, and was wondering if there was any way to revert the album art to the smaller size it was using until today? The one that showed the mini disc within a cover. Thank you so much!

It should be working just fine - I checked and the album art looks like it did before o.o Can you take a screenshot or send me your URL?

Hey there! I just read your tutorial on how to put a textbox beneath my ask box. But I was wondering if there's a possibility for me to add a standard textbox (with content ofcourse) on a URL/tagged/personal kind of thing. Because I want to put something there that stays the same, so that I don't have to put it up multiple times and tag it everytime.

I don’t think I can help you, I’m sorry! Here’s a detailed explanation of why:

The reason the text under the ask box works is because it is literally anchored to the ask box, which has a unique ID <iframe id=”ask_form”>. Theoretically, if you wanted a sticky post on a tag page, the easiest way to do it would be to find an element (div, span, p, etc) on that specific tag page that has a unique ID and use my script to anchor the stick post to that element. However, because of the nature of a tag page, the posts change every time, and anything else on your page shows up on every other page as well (meaning any sticky post you create will show up on the other pages).

There is one solution I can think of, but there are a few drawbacks:

  1. You will need to be familiar with Javascript/jQuery to the point where you can write basic scripts without reference.
  2. You will need to make some changes to your theme HTML and theme blocks that will alter the basic structure.
  3. The post will show up on every page of your tag.

Message me again if you would like to try this solution!

I really love your theme "Flick" but when I view it on my ipad, the sidebar does not stay fixed. Thanks for your help!

Mobile Safari acts differently than a regular desktop browser, and it’s on a smaller screen, so the sidebar acts differently.

Hi im using barren theme. i wonder how do i put tweets on my sidebar??

Sorry, Barren doesn’t support Twitter.

Hi! On the Greying theme, I can't delete or edit posts from my blog page. The "delete" and "edit" options show, but when I click them nothing happens. Is there a way to correct this?

It has to do with the way I coded Greying. Try putting this in your Custom CSS:

#tumblr_controls { z-index: 999999999999 }

hi there. im using your simplix theme and is it possible to get rid of the captions?

It is possible but I will not provide support for it.

For more information, read the Editing & Attribution section on my FAQ page (