Hi. I'm using the Fleux theme and something happened to it. I didn't change any of the code, I just change some of the options and it was going fine. Then the other day I went to look at it, and it looks different. The side bar isn't on the side anymore. There is one at the top and one on the bottom now. I'm also missing a few things. I went to edit it, but I just got like 12 bits of code. Not even a full line. I don't remember what it said. I reapplied the theme, but it's still 'broken'. Help.

Fleux changes form when the window is isn’t wide enough or tall enough. If you have other tabs open or your computer has a smaller resolution or if you’ve shrunk the window size, that might change the way the layout looks. Let me know if you still need help.

Hello, I'm currently testing your new latest theme, Fleux in my blog. But, when I add the music code (SCM Player) right before <body> in custom HTML (following your FAQ given) and saving it, the theme switches into mobile layout with the music player intact when I viewed my blog back, instead of the default layout of Fleux Theme with the music player intact that I expected. Any workarounds of this issue, so that I can switch to Fleux theme with adding SCM Player code in the Custom HTML as well?

Fleux switched into a mobile layout when the window size is too small (i.e. mobile devices), but it also switches when the height of the window is too small (i.e. if you resize the window and pull the bottom part up). So the layout is probably resizing itself because it interprets the music player as taking up some of the height of the window.

Actually, my FAQ says to put the player right after <body> or right before </body>, so try that first. If that doesn’t work, message me and show me the code you’re using for the player and I’ll try to make that work for you.

Hey. I have a weird browser problem with your tumblr theme "Barren" that I wondered if you knew anything about. When using Chrome or Safari, the posts on my page load for just a second, and then disappear entirely. However, this only occurs when I am logged out of tumblr; When I'm logged in, it's fine. Weird right? I don't have this problem with Firefox, which is what I usually use.

I can’t seem to tag you, so I hope you see this! I tried visiting your blog on both Safari and Chrome and neither one showed the bug. Let me know if it happens again, and take a screenshot!

How do you enbable the search box function on the "barren" theme? It was listed in the list of features. Thanks :)

That must have been a typo, as Barren doesn’t have a search function. Apologies! I’ll go remove it from the description.

Hello I recently installed your Excelle theme and after searching through your FAQ I couldn't find an answer to my question. I really enjoy the Excelle theme it's perfect - I find - for my personal business website however I can't seem to get the pinterest widget to properly function. My username information is correct (I've checked it a few times to be sure) and it worked at one point, but now nothing. I have posted pins on my pinterest so I know it's not that. I'm not sure what I've done wrong

There’s a slash “/” in your username for some reason! I checked the code and it’s not in there, so it must be on your end. Remove the slash and you should be good to go!

Tagging desiree-rodriguez so you’ll see this!

Midori Source HTML


Since Tumblr hasn’t accepted my theme update, I’m putting Midori online for download. The link on the resources page has been updated. Hope you guys find this useful, and apologies for the long wait.

Thank you for your response, however I tried using your resources page again, but the install button under the Midori theme appears to be broken. I'm rather heartbroken, it really is my favourite theme.

Looks like it’s been marked as incomplete. I’m not sure what’s missing, but I’ll try to fix things up and have it ready to resubmit within the week. Let me know if you don’t see it up by next Monday.

Hi there, I wrote you earlier today regarding a theme of yours I was unable to find. The name of which is "midori". I can't seem to locate it on theme garden though - please help!

You can find links to preview and install on my resources page!

Hi! I hope you don't mind me asking this. I'm trying to set up my site pretty much like yours, and it's been very helpful to me (especially your post from 2012 about transitioning to /blog). I just wanted to ask how you made your ask box work on your contact page? I'm guessing you didn't use tumblr's pagecreator, because the script rewrites everything with my tumblr url. So did you 'rebuild' your tumblr theme outside of tumblr to make it look like the rest of your blog? Thank you for your time!

Hi fitanne! I actually created a separate contact page on my domain. Any pages that are built with Tumblr have /blog in their URL (e.g. http://elletricity.com/blog/ask). I built the theme to work with Tumblr, then reworked it slightly to work on regular PHP and HTML pages.

As for the ask box, I copied the code directly from my /ask page - it’s an iframe right in the middle of the page. Put that directly into the page, and whabam, contact page with ask box.

Message me again if you still need help!

Hey Gabrielle I like your themes so much that I use in both of my blogs: bulaniskandar and bulans-exchangeyear. But is there any change to make the text font bigger? Because people who are responsible in the exchange are mostly old people they complained and ask me to make the font bigger which I don't know how to :( thanks in advance :)

Change “Text Size” in Appearance options, bulaniskandar.